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Day Trips

We are just 45km from Prince Albert and the Swartberg Pass. Pack a picnic, visit one of the many coffee shops in the town or take a day trip to Oudtshoorn or the Cango Caves. You can also visit an olive farm where you can see the olive groves and discover how olives are processed.


Prince Albert

Prince Albert is a charming town. Growing from a farm established in 1762, the town has quiet streets and well-preserved houses dating back to the 19th Century with beautiful lush gardens. The Fransie Pienaar Museum is a fascinating place and the local coffee shops offer delicious meals. Visit the weavery, blacksmith, the mohair shop and Art galleries.

Gay's Guernsey Dairy sells international prize-winning cheese and Wine farms in the Prince Albert Valley sell a variety of wines.

The Story Weaver offers a light-hearted Ghost Walk in the evenings. Tales of people who have lived in Prince Albert and the ghosts who don't want to leave. Booking is essential. Phone Ailsa on 023 5411 211 or visit her website here.

The Tourist Office is very helpful. Phone 023 5411 366

Prince Albert

The Swartberg Pass

The Swartberg Pass, designed and built under the supervision of Thomas Bain, is recognised as one of the finest dry stone walled mountain passes in the world. The road itself and the geological configurations and the views make a drive across the Swartberg unforgettable.  This is a gravel road.

In a narrow valley in the Swartberg Range is “The Hell” or Gamkaskloof.

There was no road until 1960 for the self-sufficient community. Within 30 years of the roads being built all the farmers had left.

Now the area is part of the Swartberg Nature Reserve, a World Heritage Site, with some excellent hikes.

The Swartberg Pass


Take a day drive over the Swartberg Pass to Oudtshoorn and back through Meiringspoort. Be sure to stop at the Waterfall information center where you can read the stories behind the names of the numerous drifts you cross along this spectacular road.

The tarred road travels between sheer Cape folded sandstone cliffs which make this a very special drive.

The Meiringspoort Waterfall in the Karoo in South Africa is a natural wonder that offers a stunning view of cascading waterfalls and tranquil rock pools.

The waterfall is located in the picturesque Meiringspoort Pass, a scenic mountain pass that connects the towns of De Rust and Beaufort West.

The waterfall is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, who come to swim in the cool, crystal-clear water and picnic in the scenic surroundings.

The Meiringspoort Pass and waterfall offer breathtaking views of towering rock formations, lush vegetation, and the meandering Groot River, which runs through the valley.

The waterfall is particularly impressive during the rainy season when the river is at its peak flow, and the waterfall cascades down in a spectacular display of nature's power.

The Meiringspoort Waterfall is a must-visit destination in the Karoo, offering a peaceful retreat and an opportunity to connect with nature in a serene and picturesque environment.

The Meiringspoort waterfall pool, where a mermaid is said to live!The Meiringspoort waterfall pool, where a mermaid is said to live!

The Cango Caves

Drive to  the world-famous Cango Caves either via Oudtshoorn or over the Swartberg Pass.

The Cango Caves are one of the country's most extensive and popular cave systems, with guided tours available to visitors. The tours take visitors through various chambers, each with its unique rock formations, including the famous "Van Zyl's Hall," which features a 90-foot high chamber with stalactites that hang like chandeliers.

The Cango Caves are a significant geological and historical site, and artifacts found in the caves suggest that they were inhabited by humans as far back as 10,000 years ago. The Cango Caves are a must-visit destination in the Karoo, offering a unique and fascinating glimpse into the region's natural and cultural heritage.

The Cango Caves